Om Shanti Om

Yoga is an ancient practice originating in India that includes guidelines for moral conduct and an aspiration to find the true Self. There are 8 limbs of yoga which every sadakah, yoga practitioner, will observe in order to find the true Self. Hatha class is based primarily on the 3rd and 4th limbs of yoga and focuses on the physical body.  These are the asana or postures and the pranayama or life energy which is primarily developed through breathing exercises. 

I am a 2008 graduate from North Carolina School of Yoga's 200 hr teacher training program. There I studied postures, breathing, and traditional yogic life style under guidance of Chandra Om and her disciples.  Since the basic training I have gone back to NCSY for intensive weekend studies in Children's Yoga Teaching Training and Yoga Anatomy and Therapeutics. As well as a weekend workshop with Lila Wilson in Yoga for Teens in association with Integral Yoga Center in San Francisco. I have taught master classes at Dickinson College and The Madeira School as well as youth classes in Brooklyn NY elementary and middle schools, Girls First! overnight camps, and Sunset Hills Montessori School. I presently teach both youth and adult classes in the bay area.


Above Photo by Daniel Dearco  

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