Eco Malibu

A dear friend and yoga student recently walked into class sporting an entirely new wardrobe of what one might describe as some of the chicest new yoga apparel.

“Oo lala!” I said.

“New Eco Malibu pants and top,” she replied, “I wasn’t shopping for new clothes but this outfit just worked and it wasn’t expensive.”

She was right the full-length leggings and sheer long sleeved top looked really great and it was plain to see that even with its form fitting nature she was comfortable in what she was wearing. I looked up the brand and discovered the product is pretty cool. With a focus on sustainability the clothing is largely made of organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled plastic bottles.


The Hoodie Wrap as featured in "This Space" presented at the gala for Nachmo3.

Here is what I have:

·              A pair of black pants: Your basic yoga pant. They have a roll down at the hips, full length, snug at the top and loose at the bottom. I am not sure if Eco Malibu does not carry size extra small or if it was just not available when I got in touch with the clothing sales rep. Regardless, I ended up with a pair of pants size small. Small usually does the trick I just need to hem them. Turned out to be true enough in this case. However, hemming became a bit of an odd experiment, as I needed to take up the right pant leg about a half-inch more than the left. This has never happened to me before and I am fairly certain I do not have different length legs rather one pant leg was longer than the other.                                                                                                                 Anyway, after I got the pants to a reasonable length I put them on and loved them! They are so soft, moveable, and they look good. Maybe because they are made primarily of cotton and bamboo with only a little spandex they are somewhat heavier pants with a looser fit than what I tend to wear to class. For this reason I found them a little bit warmer and a little bit more of a nuisance during class time. They kind of shifted and hung in different places as we went through the postures. So I wear them most frequently as nice comfy general go anywhere pants. To the store, over my tight legging before/after class, to a movie… When I want to look cute and be comfortable. My friend and student has a similar pair of leggings that have the roll down at the hip but that are tight from hips all the way to ankle. They are snug, stay put when she moves, and what can I say she looks awesome in them. 

·               A hoodie wrap: This is a piece I have been looking at longingly for a while and love it now that it is in my dresser! This item is very similar to the long sleeved lightweight wrap around I mentioned in the Hardtail Forever entry. Mentioned it but did not own! The Eco Malibu wrap has the stylish addition of the hoodie that the Hardtail did not. It comes in a few colors. Mine is an earthy light brown color. It is just a fun piece to wear and is featured in the short dance video I just made while out in San Francisco.

·               A pair of tight short shorts: Unfortunately I am not going to wear these shorts to class. You will most commonly find me wearing short shorts underneath a skirt. So I am not generally out running or in yoga class with short shorts and these have the added problem of hanging loosely at the bottom. There is a weird little gap between the top of the thigh and the beginning of the shorts that exposes either your underwear or tuccus. Not sure how to fix that. I prefer the kind of shorts that are just a little bit longer. The kind that definitely cover your bum and maybe even some of the thigh.