Founding Farmers 

One of the very first values we learn in yoga is ahimsa or kindness in word, thought, and deed. This includes ahimsa to all living beings, even our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom. As such, many yogis practice a vegetarian or even vegan diet. I am a vegetarian and often choose vegan options--especially when dining out.

In the DC area I have enjoyed the restaurant Founding Farmers. Located in Foggy Bottom, they have quite a few vegetarian options on the standard menu and customers can request their entirely vegan menu.

For brunch I have enjoyed the Farmer's Garden Hash. The vegetable blend and crispy potatoes were a perfect mix. The English muffin was fine as well and came with a tasty little jam.

And for dinner the ricotta, pistachio, and date flatbread was delicious. The combination of slightly salted pistachio and ricotta against the sweet dates was delicious.

On my most recent expedition I ordered the FF Vegan Patty Melt including a beefless burger, vegan cheese and even comes with fries made with vegan oil. Unfortunately it was not up to standard compared with the previous dishes. Here's the thing though, I do not like meat impersonators. I don't like the taste of it, the look of it, and especially dislike the texture of it. This patty looked like meat, honestly I don't really remember what meat taste like, but the texture of was just too much for me to handle. Ick. The vegan cheese was fine and the fries were adequate but nothing too special.

Two out of three for food is pretty good. In fact their vegan patty is not house made. Maybe if they whipped up something of their own it would be just as good as the rest of their dishes!