Prana is life energy that exists in all living beings. We associate prana with the breath. Pranayama or exercises to help gain and store the life energy are often practiced in yoga classes through breathing techniques. Prana is also the name of a clothing brand that we carry at FIT3. Here's a little information about the clothing brand...


rAna has a great look, cute options, chic choices. Unfortunately, most of their items are made for runway models. I am about 5’ 2” and the XS pants and long skirts end well beyond my toes. Hemming is an option but often times their cute designs are at the base of the garment. On the other hand, I like the tops because they are long; it is comfortable to wear with leggings and a definite benefit for any tall woman who can never find a cami or tank long enough to meet the top of her pants. They have a wide variety of styles and designs for tops from tanks and t-shirst to sweaters, vests, and jackets. Unfortunately, I have yet to find one of Prana’s tanks with built-in that provides enough support for yoga or any other type of movement/workout.

             Here is what I have:

  • Winter sweater; 99% Polyester and 1% Spandex. Incredibly soft and very warm, I call it a snuggle sweater. The sleeves bell out at the wrist and cover my hands so I have to roll them up anytime I need to be functional, but otherwise it is pretty perfect.

  • Men’s Sutra pants for my boy friend. I love them and he seems to love them. They are lightweight and easy to move in; could easily be summer going out pants or something to wear to the beach. Again they were too long and needed hemming.

  • Mid-calf length skirt. I bought this item for my sister for her semester abroad in Chile. It is lightweight cotton, cute, and functional. She seems to wear it when she needs to dress up a bit as a tourist.

  • Winter vest. This is my best store purchase yet! The vest is visually appealing, long, and very warm. This vest has kept me cozy all winter long and I just wore it up Old Rag mountain on a surprisingly cold climb.

The amazingly warm prAna vest on a snowy day.