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an update from Chile

Posted by Jaedra D on Thursday, May 5, 2011, In : apparel 
Alicia and the skirt in action:

 "I love that skirt! It is perfect for Arica desert days although I struggle to wear skirts at night. I also have lightweight prana pants that are completely amazing for touristing, hiking, or working in clinics. They were great in the south because they dry so quickly!"

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starting with prAna

Posted by Jaedra D on Tuesday, May 3, 2011, In : apparel 
Prana is life energy that exists in all living beings. We associate prana with the breath. Pranayama or exercises to help gain and store the life energy are often practiced in yoga classes through breathing techniques. Prana is also the name of a clothing brand that we carry at FIT3. Here's a little information about the clothing brand...


rAna has a great look, cute options, chic choices. Unfortunately, most of their items are made for runway models. I am about 5’ 2” an...
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Jaedra D I am a 2008/9 graduate from the North Carolina School of Yoga. There I studied postures, breathing, and traditional yogic life style under guidance of Chandra Om and her disciples. I have taught master classes in New York City, Dickinson College, and The Madeira School as well as youth classes in Brooklyn NY and Girls First! overnight camp. I presently teach classes in Northern VA and Washington DC.
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