The thing about Zobha is you must try it on; especially the tops. Even one size 4 tank might fit differently than another size 4 tank in the same exact style. So try it on. Once you find something that fits, you will probably look awesome in it. The ruched tops are flattering for everyone and the mega padding that goes into every built-in bra is bound to boost you a size or two. (Don’t worry the padding is removable if you are content already!)

Unfortunately I haven’t found much that fits. The size 2s I have tried on are too big and the size 1 (fyi: size one is only available through their Asian line!) is nice and snug around the torso and is a fine length but the built-in smush-up bra causes side boob and the elastic seems unable to rest below the bust but rather right across it. Yuck. Clearly the built-in is too small. That’s the deal with the tanks.

Zobha also carries sweatshirts, jackets, pants, and even items like mats, mat bags, eye pillows... I loved some of the jackets we had during winter. One in particular which was an adorable long jacket with big ol’ buttons and almost looked like something the French orphan Madeline might wear. It was really comfortable made out of loose cotton and spandex material that was easy to maneuver in while still looking chic. 

Here is what I have:


  • A pair of Racer Capri pants. 87% Supplex Nylon 13% Lycra Spandex. They are a very standard pair of capri pants. They hit right about at my knee and are cling to your legs snug, I have not had to worry about them falling off. There is a nice little pocket for an id, credit card, or maybe even a tiny i-pod. They are gusseted along the crotch and side seems, which seems particularly nice for a pair of pants that I use so much to stretch in. There is something weird about the way it rests on the hips though. It just sort of sticks out in the back in a funny way.