Class Descriptions

Adult and Young Adult Class Description

The postures, breathing, and focus exercises covered in class build strength, flexibility, and balance while prioritizing safety and rejuvenation. Postures and movement assist the blood and lymph to move which aids the immune system, as well as puts blood back into every part of your body from head to toe. 

Yoga for Youth ages 4 – 8 or 8 - 13

What is your posture like at school? Do you slouch all day in a chair? Do you sometimes bring your legs cross-legged in your seat? Do you lean your head on your hand and try to stay awake while you're sitting at your desk?  What do you do before bed at night? Do you read a book, watch tv, or chat on line? Sit up all night at your desk studying for the test the next day?

If you feel like sometimes you just can’t keep your head up for another moment in class but when it’s time for bed you just can’t seem to fall asleep yoga might help!

For example: did you know that just by stretching your arms over your head even at your desk you will stimulate movement in the blood and lymph which helps to fuel the mind and wake you up? Or did you know that if you put your feet up a wall before bedtime gravity will help pump blood to your heart and your body will become more relaxed and calm?

In yoga class we work together on basic movements, mantras, and relaxation in a no-tests, no-competition zone. Class benefits can be seen beyond our studio setting. Attention and breathing exercises as well as sustained postures help develop patience and increase focus. Additionally, the poses will enhance strength and kinesthetic control and awareness for growing bodies.

Older students will learn more advanced postures, breathing, and centering appropriate for slightly more mature bodies and minds. 

Set up a private session for you or your children! 

Photo by Dan Goodman

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